Company Profile

Kun Shan (East of China)
Established in 2002
Capital: US$ 30 million
Factory Area: 162,000 ft²
Employee: 800 people
Production Capacity: 500,000 ft²/ month
Process Capability: 2~16 layers
¡EBuild-up process (HDI)
Huei Jou (South of China)
Established in 1997
Capital: US$ 25 million
Factory Area: 250,000 ft²
Employee: 700 people
Production Capacity: 500,000 ft²/ month
Process Capability: 2~12 layers

Established in 1989
Capital: US$ 20 million
Factory Area: 108,000 ft²
Employee: 360 people
Production Capacity: 300,000 ft²/ month
Process Capability: 2~36 layers
¡EBuild-up process

Our "one order, multi-location service" policy provides our customers with easy access to our products, resources and services in both Taiwan and China.
The advantage that Plotech provides:
1. One stop shopping.
2. Receive orders ranging from conventional D/S
    ~ 36-Layer boards to HDI build-up process, and
    from Quick-Turn Prototypes to Big Volume
3. On time delivery and good quality for satisfying
    customer expectations.
4. Competitive price to alleviate customer's cost





1~2 Layer
automotive, telecommunication, blue tooth,
LCD display, storage, connector, scanner, etc.

4~6 Layer
industrial PC, telecommunication, medical equipment,
industrial PC, storage, computer, LCD display, blue tooth,
wireless, power supply, scanner, Dram module, connector, etc.

8~36 Layer
power supply, GPS, wireless, R&D prototype, digital
camera & video, IA product, probe card, and PDAs,
cellular phone, boards require build up laser technology, etc.