Established in 1990 and accumulated years of experiences in providing laser-plotting service to sample and mass production, Plotech has become a high-end PCB leader with all High Mix & High Volume facilities in South East Asia.
Over the past 15 years, Plotech constantly deployed new technologies into its facilities, including build up process for HDI boards with micro-vias currently, and the rigid-flex manufacturing in very near future.
Plotech was started with a large percentage of orders from research and development companies.
After our production capabilities approved, we start our mass production and provide manufacturing solutions for printed circuit boards to meet the needs of our global customers.
Our past experience and complete facilities make us the largest all-purpose PCB manufacturer in Asia.
Our efficient one stop PCB shop also offers our customers the advantages of upgrading to complex designs under minimum manufacturing time and cost. Such achievement was realized by years of experience, innovation, and dedication to R&D of PCB technologies.
Accompanied by our rapid growth, Plotech has four facilities nowadays. The facilities area has increased from 52,300 sq ft to 520,000 sq ft, including the plants in Canton and Shanghai.
In Shanghai, a HDI (build up laser technology) facility is built especially for PCBs of hi-tech digital camera & video, portable device, Blue Tooth, wireless, PDAs, miniature modules, notebook computer, cellular phone, etc.
Moreover, Plotech is recognized the most reliable supplier of heavy copper, high aspect ratio and high layer count PCB in Asia.

For cost effective concern, most large PCB manufacturers choose to sacrifice lower volume orders.
On the contrary, most small companies are incapable of providing PCBs with consistent quality for mass production orders.
With the capability and capacity to provide great flexibility for more complex boards and different order sizes to all customers, Plotech has earned its reputation in providing complete and professional service by developing and optimizing its new manufacturing technologies to meet the versatile needs of its global customers.
Our exceptional service has helped us win a lot of trust and confidence from our customers.
Our main goal is to help our customers to be successful and prosperous, and we believe it will also bring us success.

By adopting the win-win strategy, Plotech takes care of its personnel and customers in all aspects.
Beyond that, Plotech will keep on introducing new technique and expertise into its facilities. After HDI line, Plotech will enter the manufacturing rigid-flexible boards and BGA substrates.
Through cooperating with total of 2532 customers worldwide, Plotech team is ready for making further progress and show our sincerity and appreciation to more customers.