ĦE Company established mainly for converting customer's PCB data from Gerber format to CAM data and generating manufacturing artwork by laser plotter.

ĦE A production line capable of making PCB prototypes with high efficiency established.

ĦE A mass production line built to enhance manufacturing capacity.
ĦE Multi-layers for mass production enabled.
ĦE UL certification granted.

ĦE Production capacity expanded and computerized production management information system (MIS) introduced.
ĦE ISO-9002 certification awarded.

New facility of 108,000 square feet built next to its original facility.
ĦE US$ 6 million invested in the new facility to provide quality inspection and Just-In-Time services.
ĦE Systematic quality inspection mechanism implemented throughout the whole production process.

ĦE SPC (Statistical Process Control) implemented after demonstrating consistency in product quality.
ĦE Capable of making 600 ~ 800 different kinds of prototypes/samples per month.
ĦE Production capacity increased to 200,000 square feet per month.
ĦE Manufacturing capability of up to 20-layer achieved.

Set foot in Mainland China (Canton province) to ensure low pricing and better access to our PCB products.
ĦE Publicly traded on OTC market.
ĦE ISO-9002, ISO-14000, TL9000 and UL certified for both Taiwan and Canton plants.
ĦE UL certification for heavy copper granted.

ĦE Canton plant expanded to 250,000 square feet.
ĦE Sequential lamination for blind/buried vias introduced.
ĦE Capable of multi-layers manufacturing for High Current & High Power design.


Shanghai (Kunshan plant) plant established with total area of 162,000 square feet.
ĦE Manufacturing capability up to 36-layer.
ĦE FMEA (Failure Model and Effective Analysis) implemented to assist precise and efficient production.

ĦE Sales turnover reached US$55 million.
ĦE HDI line for build up process built and Plotech became the only High Mix, High Volume PCB Manufacturer in South East Asia.

ĦE After three years of HDI operation, Plotech's HDI lines in both Taiwan and Shanghai facilities are now capable of supplying quality boards with blind/buried design in large volume.
ĦE Flex-Rigid and BGA substrate manufacturing will be introduced to all facilities in 2006.